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Frequently Asked Questions

For any others, get in touch on


Quote request

If you need a translation, just email me a scan or photo of your document and I'll get back to you with a quote and turnaround time.


Certified? Sworn? Legalised?

Some foreign jurisdictions have a system where translators are 'sworn' - ie. their accreditation to certify translations is derived from a court process. This does not exist in the UK.​


Typically, authorities require a translation that is stamped, signed and dated by a translator who is member of a professional body, such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists. In very rare cases, this needs to be 'legalised' - ie performed before a lawyer.


Standard // certified

If you need an official document (e.g. birth/marriage certificate, degree) translated, the translation will have to be certified.

If your document is available as an editable format and doesn't need stamped, the translation is standard.


How much and how long

Each job is different so the best way to know exactly how much the translation will cost and how long it will take is to send the document for a quote.​​


Use of personal data

I'm a member of the ICO and comply with data protection legislation. You can access my privacy policy here and ask me to delete your data at any time.

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